Oh Baby, We’re Having a Baby!

Oh Baby, We’re Having a Baby!

I was only a day late. Yes, I know, you’re thinking, “Only a day?”.  After work I made the stop at the pharmacy to pickup a pregnancy test. I read the boxes, compared the accuracy ratings, and looked at the prices (wow, I didn’t know a pregnancy test could be so expensive!). Then I bought one. I can’t tell you why I settled on the box I picked. Maybe it was because it was pink. Maybe it was because it was a brand I had heard of, or that it cost a little more so I figured that meant it had to be more accurate than the others. But, I bought it. It felt sooo weird buying a pregnancy test. I felt like I had to hide the box from the people around me in the store.  But then I reminded myself that I’m not just buying a pregnancy test, I’m hoping and praying for a positive pregnancy test. So I waited in the checkout line, proudly holding my pregnancy test box for anyone to see. 

I was so anxious to get home. I wanted to be home before my husband so that I could take the test before he got there. So many thoughts went through my mind on what felt like the longest drive ever. What if it’s negative? What if it’s positive? Do I tell my husband I took the test?

Then it was time. I sat there on the bathroom floor reading the directions for my test. 5 minutes?! I have to wait 5 whole minutes to know?! I took the test, sat it on the counter, and covered it with a towel. I set a timer on my phone for 5 minutes and walked out of the bathroom. 

Ding. Ding. Ding. Times up.

I took a breath. Picked up the towel. And I saw two little pink lines looking up at me. I couldn’t believe it. We were having a baby. Almost right after I finished processing the positive test my husband pulled into the driveway from work. I quickly tucked the test into my back pocket and went into the kitchen to get dinner started. I wasn’t sure how I would tell him. Do I wait and tell him in a cutesy way? Do I blurt it out as soon as he walks through the front door? But, I didn’t have to tell him. As soon as he walked into the kitchen I smiled. And he knew. 

Baby Johnson is due November 12th, 2020. Cazes and I are so excited to welcome our first child into the world, and are beyond thrilled to take on the names Mom and Dad. 

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